Stride Capabilities

Hi, I’ve been using Unity for some time and recently discovered Stride. Now I’m making an application allows the user to design there own levels and prefabs. So there are a few prerequisites I need to know before I jump in to using stride.

  • I would like to load fbx files from a directory during runtime and add them to a list so they can be accessed later.
    something allong the lines of:
    foreach(dir in directory)

Is it possible to enable to use of the editor Gizmo during runtime so the models can be transformed… This isn’t that impolrtant. I don’t mind making my own but I’d rather no thave to reinvent the wheel.

I have a few more questions but it’s not worth asking them until I know whether or not it is possible to load fbx files from a directory at runtime. This is the main badger.

I’ve seen this:
In which the last coment was in 2015:
“We have added it into our internal tasks, we will try to make it for the September release, but we cannot guarantee.”

Has this been implemented yet?

Many thanks


This shows complete source code that also includes tangents which are required for correct light rendering.