Stride and .Net Core

I’m just starting playing with Stride (came to it after watching a video talking about the name change :wink: )

I am curious about the .Net Core usage. Looking at it this seems to focus on .Net Core 2.0 and I wondered what the plans were around updating for the underlying .Net system. One of the things that attracted me to Stride was its use of this rather than Mono. With .Net 5, which should combine the two frameworks, now in beta it would be interesting to know if Stride will follow this direction.

Would be great to use some of the features in C# 8 and currently no C# based gaming system seems to be able to offer this, however Stride is closest having already converted to Core.

Latest status:
Stride runtime already support .NET Core.
Stride editor will soon work with .NET Core 3.1 (we already have a working prototype).

Awesome, good to know xen2.

This forward looking to the engine is one of the things that is attractive and worth engaging with it for.

The prototype you have is multiplatform?

WPF is not multi-platform, so no. Unless we use something like Avalonia but that requires rewriting it entirely.