Steam manager for Paradox as a Service

Hey all, Im new here but i have enjoyed my time with paradox, but enough about me.
Steam and paradox.
I have intergrated steam into paradox using as a service. Just thought id show you what i have been up to.

Space war is the steamworks dev example, using the appid 480.
Not going to release this yet, still have a few things that i need to find out about it.

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That’s pretty cool, keep up the good work!

Out of curiosity, was it difficult to integrate? (we will probably have to do the same in Paradox so that everybody can easily do this)

Well to a point, the Paradox libraries need to have a portable .net library in order for those dll’s to be used (I under stand why with multiple devices)[Side note: I think I might be missing something haha]. So i had to “hack” the csproj to make it look like the .game part in the project, but aside from that, I had a look at the source on how a service is added in the game class. From there i saw that game (in the game.window) has the GameSystems and added it from there.

So using the game.window csproj I seem to have fix another problem that i was having with the [browsable(false)] in a separate class. you post made me think about why i was using the csproj.