Quake style console

The console allows for in-game command typing with customizable command interpreters. For example, on Windows platform, IronPython interpreter can be used for easy game object manipulation through the console interface.

More information on my blog post.

Here you can see the console in action.

Link to source.


That’s a really cool addon! Thanks for sharing!

It sounds really nice for debugging purpose or in-game calibrating, there is probably some research to be done in that way to implement cheatcodes :3 This is cool !

Is there any way to have a log of typed commands ? You know, if you like a thing that you did, so you can rembember it and change it in your code ?

Yeah, that’s exactly why I started to create such a console in the first place!

I created something called CustomCommandInterpreter which is using the command pattern to create and execute console commands. On first thought, this would work perfectly to allow players to use in-game cheat codes. Basically each cheat code would be a separate command with whatever desired behavior.

Not with the current implementations of the interpreters. However, it would be quite trivial to create a new custom interpreter or modify existing interpreters to log whatever commands were passed to it. Seems like a really good idea.

This is absolutely brilliant and I’ll be including this into all my projects moving forward. Thanks a ton for the showcase!

Thanks! Let me know if you stumble on any issue or have any questions.