Published my Xenko/Stride Game on

Howdy Folks,

I figured I would take a moment to post here regarding my experience with Xenko and a game I published on

I originally found Xenko back in late 2017. I’ve been working with it as mostly a hobby–I’ve only been doing game dev since really around that time. I didn’t come from a background of game dev so this is actually my first “real” engine. I had little to no prior Unity experience. All this to say, I found Xenko incredibly hard to learn initially. This could be a product of merely being “new” and/or it could be that when I started there were no tutorials. There were times I wanted to drop the engine in a rage-fit being unable to solve a problem–but I pushed through to learn something new. After enough experience with Xenko (about 4 small games and 3 mini-projects) I’ve gained an appreciation for how open it feels. I feel like generally “I’m just programming” and can hit the ground running. Nuances with Game Studio have mostly faded. There are a couple items I stay away from though as they feel over complicated when it comes to wanting to develop games.

Here are my amateur opinions for what it’s worth:

  • I find the rendering capabilities of the engine to be very nice.
  • I find the particle system to be powerful and easy to manipulate.
  • I find the material system to provide for everything I would need.
  • I find the shader system to be challenging to use (cryptic), yet capable…
  • I appreciate the services system, the content system and the scene system.
  • I find the compositor to be extremely flexible, though over complicated.
  • I find the engine architecture to be well laid out, though very “large” feeling.
  • I find the integration with VS to be an absolute nuisance.
  • I find the UI system to be burdensome and clunky to achieve the results I want.
  • I find that there are barely “just enough” tools to help troubleshoot Xenko games.
  • I find that doing tasks through Game Studio takes “just longer” than I want it to.

The game I developed was more primarily a study of network code. I learned so many things with this topic and Xenko that it’s all well worth it. I’m considering working on a “for profit” title with Xenko/Stride, but I’m a little hesitant as I’d want to publish to as many platforms as possible. Perhaps I need experience with other engines to compare and contrast.

Here is my game:


Congrats on the release Jarmo,
Kudos to you on trying learn, improve and make something all by yourself. That road is long and with not that many dedicated tutorials around, that sure is difficult.