[Paid] Someone to explain StrideTerrain to a 3D engine noob

Pretend it’s my first day as a C# dev at your game company. Your company’s flagship product is JohanG’s StrideTerrain project!

On a video call, show me how it works, what some of the properties exposed in the Stride Editor mean. Help me understand heightmaps, terrain colliders, that vegetation layer, and random other things.

We’ll do it in Discord or Teams using Visual Studio 2019, Stride, and the StrideTerrain demo project.

I am a developer and I’ve done all the tutorials.

I’m just a guy paying out of my own pocket, so I am hoping that something like PayPal €30 is ok for about an hour. If you think it should be more, I’m listening.

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We can ask the original developer of it. He frequently is on our discord… I’ll let him know.

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Thanks for the tip but I did already ask. He’s got too much on to spare the time at the moment.

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No takers, so I’ve raised the offer to €30

Hey just jumping in for fun here. My question to Am is what is the focus ? Are you looking to train someone how to work stride ? Is this more of a School Teaching kind of deal or is this more of a YouTube series deal ? Just curious.

I literally just want someone to help me understand what confuses me about the editor and about the StrideTerrain demo. For example, I spent over two hours replacing the heightmap with one I made from a real map. I felt close to finishing that experiment before realising that the whole thing was a disaster, and I don’t know how to even begin to do it right.

I am just too tired after work to waste my time on inefficient learning.

dude, the learning curve is not something that you can pay someone, and magically you learn, no money or anything is included in this, but it’s with trial and error, and you have to read a lot of docs and have good math skills, and have unslept nights.

True, decent skill requires extended time, but my point is that a useful introduction does not. I’ve started enough new jobs with enough new technologies to know this. Someone experienced points out the important bits, answers your questions and stops you getting basics wrong. This guidance is easy for the giver and invaluable to the receiver.

It’s more than two months since posting the request, and I wasted weeks hoping for an understanding response.

Uh, welcome to the community :smiley: