[Paid] Hourly Stride 3d programmer wanted

I’m looking for an Hourly-rate developer to do C# programming on a Stride 3d application.

The application is not a “game”, but an easy-to-use interactive 3d content studio.

At runtime, the user will use 2d UI and asset browsers to pick and place 3d assets and characters, move and pose them, setup cameras, save and load scenes.

Part of the project will also include improving Stride (improving docs, fixing bugs encountered, adding features if necessary, etc).

If interested, please email davidj (at) gmail.com with a resume, stride3d experience, and an hourly rate proposal.

I previously funded the Stride3d Voxel Global Illumination project which is in beta2 (though it needs some polishing), and I’m now funding a physics improvement project.

Those improvements to Stride3d are technology pieces to enable my application.

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