OGG support / correctly looping background music sources?

Hello there,

I was experimenting a little with Paradox/Xenko recently to see how it basically works, seeing how I could port an old game of mine running on my own engine.

One question I couldn’t answer for myself is OGG support. I need flawlessy looping OGG background music, e.g. streamed. I didn’t find an info on that quickly, the website only states MP3, but MP3 doesn’t loop correctly.

Additionally, can I play multiple streamed audio sources / background musics at once? I often fade from one to another. This question might sound ridiculous, but there are engines out there not supporting this.

Also, isn’t someone having to pay MP3 licensing costs? That was why I never implemented it in my own games and always used OGG (beyond the other looping advantage).

Thanks in advance!