New Things are Comming!

Hello people!

After getting a year away from engine, i am back! And with some news things to community! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First: 3rd Person Character Controller v1.3

I have updated and optmized my 3rd Person Character Controller for the the Xenko 1.7.7, and i will release the new version os scripts sooner. :hamburger:

New Post-Processing Effects

I’m working on two new shaders that will add to Xenko the respectively the post-processing effects: Radial Blur and Chromatic Aberration. The Chromatic Aberration shader is now fully finished, and today i will start the creation of Radial Blur. :sunglasses:

When? When? When?

So i will release all things together into the next week, everthing will be free for any use! So stay tuned! :wink:


wait, hope, rejoice…

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