New Shader Effects - 16/08/2015

New Shader Effects

Hello people!

As I promised last week, i am here to release 4 new shaders for the community.

All of them are under the Creative Commons license, and can be used for free even in commercial use.

The new Shaders are:

Color Transform - Chromatic Aberration

Color Transform - Cinematic Mode

Color Transform - Color Fixer

Radial Blur

How to Install

1st: Go to pastebin and download the following shader files:

Chromatic Aberration:

Cinematic Mode:

Color Fixer

Radial Blur

2nd: Open your Project into Visual Studio Community 2015, and right click in your solution, then add a new folder called “Effect”. Next, into this folder, add all shaders you have downloades.

3rd: Into the Visual Studio, build your solution. After this, close the VS2015 and open the Xenko Game Studio. All new Shaders are now instaled for you.

NOTE: Allways apply the Tone Mapping after the Chromatic Aberration, and the Radial Blur before a Gaussian Blur effect.