My Asteroids clone

As I do with every game engine, when I start to learn it, I create an Asteroids clone as close to the original as I can.
I’m so glad the community was so helpful in helping me figure out how to draw vertex lines.
I think after I complete this I’ll do a tutor for it as well on my blog.
This is after I got all the rock shapes coded, I ran it over and over until one of each was rendered. As I have it randomly chose what rock shape to use, out of the four that are in the original game.
I also have the ship thrust rendered when the thrust button is pressed.
This is not easy to figure out without any current tutors available. Just another reason I plan on making one myself.
Asteroids in Xenko on Github.


Cool! Can you post the sources?

Ah, that is what I forgot to do. Now you can check it out as I progress, I should be updating it at least once a day until it is done.
Xenko Asteroids on Github.

I’ve got the first Beta released. Check it out. It has everything bout sound FX and the high score list. Making the player ship explode was fun.
Here are the screen shots.

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Well done.
It really feels like the old game.

Small remark: there are a bunch of filepaths that you could ignore (not push to git), such as the obj/ folders, the .vs/ folder, the db/ folders (and all their files). GitHub can generate a default .gitignore file for you; I usually use the one for Visual Studio.

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Github generated the .vs file, that folder does not exist in the original project folder. I’ll look into the others. I don’t need the those other folders? I don’t know what Xenko may need. I don’t push from the original project folder.
Thank you so much! That is my goal, to make it as much as the original as I’m able. I just added sound and it is up now.
I found I was using the timer not completely currently, so it was not checking fraction of a second. I was using Second instead of TotalSecond. That is fixed too.
Now I don’t know how long it is going to take me to do the high score list, that gets saved. That is going to be fun to figure out I’m sure. More fun than figuring out the audio that the documents don’t even tell you how to use properly.

The filepaths I mentioned are files generated at compilation (some such as obj/ are just temporary during the compilation phase). People cloning your repository might have those files regenerated the first time they compile. Usually you just put source files in GitHub.

But don’t worry that’s not a big deal. Better spend time on the actual game :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I thought they obj were generated during compile, I don’t know where the .vs came from. It is not in the original project folder. I hope you enjoy!
I made all the sounds myself too.
I also need to figure out how to pause the game.