Multi-user VR done with Xenko: We Live in an Ocean of Air

We created a multi-user shared VR experience with Xenko end of last year. It’s running since December in London:

Official page from MLF, the studio we worked with:

It was the first project in which we could try out our new visual programming language VL combined with the rendering power of Xenko. And as you can see, it went super well! If anyone has any question on the installation or it’s production, feel free to ask in this thread.

Here is a video with an interview going into more details with one of the creators:

This installations is sold out since 12 weeks and got extended two times by the Saatchi gallery:


This is the best showcase of what Xenko is available of so far! Congratulations, it looks awesome!

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You can now re-watch the live stream of a presentation about the project. It goes into some detail of the different rendering pipelines and systems that were developed for the project:

After the presentation there is also a live demo of VL.Xenko, a Visual Scripting / Visual Programming in Xenko we are currently developing. It shows how you can interact with the engine scene graph and LowLevelAPI shader system in a visual way while the game is running.


This project got named “2019 XR Installation of the Year” by forbes:

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