Money on suggestions

I was thinking how to boost this game engine

one way is to get it on kick starter for some things like makeing ability for linux the other thing is like suggestion topic where we put our money inside on the suggest like unity 3d has but it has only for suggestions not for money to spend on it

when let’s say people says we want this game engine on linux and allot of other people sees it and vote(with coins) on it than the developer can choose what should be developed also once when coins for suggestion are added it can’t be removed any more

maybe some votes like unity 3d has but that isn’t much important as coins are

also off topic
maybe the market would be fine like unity 3d has

One very practical thing that can be done is to reach out to big companies that need a game engine for various reasons and provide them with something they can’t get elsewhere. Here’s an example: defense contractors are investing massively in MR (mixed reality) including AR and VR for “serious games” such as training simulators. Many of the big defense companies have entire mini game studios actively working on that stuff. Up till now, Unity and Unreal have served their purposes quite well, but what is happening is that technology is now allowing MR applications in actual operations, not just training. What’s the big deal about that? Simple, Unity and Unreal both have restrictive EULAs that do not allow for for military related uses. That’s why Cesium is popular with the Defense software crowd: no restrictive EULAs.
Stride can provide a great way for companies that have invested a lot on a Unity literate workforce to reuse those skills on something that can be very relevant for the big AR programs going on right now.

Kickstarter Leadwerks they have achieved 42k$ for making able leadwerks for linux. but that’s bad game engine it uses lua programming language

I’d like to see this game engine on the Linux I’m not skilled enough to change source code and make it able on linux. what I can say is I’d gladly pay 1k$ for Linux game engine if I get more money from games I program I’d pay even more.