Minecraft like voxel game

I have been working on this project for quite a while now in my free time.
Its a simple game (not sure if I can even call it a game in this stage though) based on the always popular Minecraft.
I recently rewrote the source to be more easier to read and optimized it slightly.

It currently contains the following;

  • Near-infinite world generation.
  • Theoretically larger than what the current version of Minecraft supports.
  • Hills and mountain ranges.
  • Support for multiple block materials and textures.
  • Basic lighting. (based on paradox samples)
  • Free look camera.

I am planning to add more features in the future, but as its a person project in my spare time please do not expect to much out of it.
I making this an opensource project in the hope other people will find some parts useful or helpful.

Link for the GitHub repository;

In game screenshots;

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Nice, It’s good to see what people are working on. Thanks for sharing the code too, reference code is great.

Thank you for contribution, I was very in need of some example that has a created terrain.

@NckHmml Nice, thanks for sharing!

You might be interested in @jwollen work as well then: https://github.com/jwollen/Clockwork


Thanks @xen2!!

Hello @NckHmml,
I do not know if you are aware of this behavior, so I’m sending this picture to get the terrain after I render on my machine, but thanks again for providing the source code it will help me a lot.

@Wellington, Haha yes, that’s actually quite normal, but maybe I should have explained that somewhere in the thread. You see, as the camera spawns on the position 0, 0, 0 and the world generates above it. So you are actually looking towards the world from below. (Due to the culling you cannot see the backside of a texture)
The problem is quite easy to solve, just move up :grin:

Movements keys are:
W > Foward
A > Left
S > Backwards
D > Right
Q > Up
E > Down

@xen2 thanks for that link! I thought the Atmosphere sample of it was quite nice, so I am currently adding that.

Edit: just finished adding ParadoxCraft.Atmosphere;

I also added the generation of beaches and oceans (though there is no water yet) based on the following height map;

Where red are the mountains and their height, blue the oceans and their depths, green the beaches.
And this is the result of it;

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Thanks for sharing this!
I’ve been thinking about how to do voxel stuff, and it’s a very good reference for me! :smile:

If you are still looking for examples on terrain generation, I have a bit of experience in the field and would love to share code. I have an old project I did writing a world generator for Minecraft. Yes it uses Java/Bukkit, but the same algorithmic ideas might help. You can do a checkout at git://git.bukkit.org/minecraft/shipwreckedworldgen/mainline.git