Looking to replace existing graphics engine

Hi all;
I’m currently working on an application that uses HOOPs 3D as our 3d graphics engine. I’m trying to find a replacement engine and i’m wondering if Stride might fit that bill.
Can you set up the scene environment through the API or is this done through the Stride Editor?


You can do it either way and even combine the two ways.

Game studio is just another view on the .NET solution, it’s not something special or proprietary. It operates in parallel to visual studio on the same solution.

I’d recommend to prepare assets with it, since it’s way simpler than creating them in code.

You can then edit and compile in visual studio, like a normal C# project.

Thanks for getting back to me. The way our code is set up the objects are generated during runtime. We have a set of objects that get displayed but they are programmatically created and that has been done for awhile. The user can add 2D objects to our drawing surface and those objects are programmatically displayed on an object (plane/Sphere/Cylinder). we would never be using the game editor.
We create everything at run time so we would need to be able to set everything up in Stride at run time. I’ve been looking but i haven’t seen anything tutorials that show how to do this. Have you seen any?

Yes, there are many examples of that in the discord chat. Just have a search there…