Looking for camera/player input & movement help

Hi, I’m new to Stride and have looked at the Youtube tutorials. It all looks really good, but I can’t seem to find any good help on the best way to implement camera/player movement in (for example) an FPS. Do I attach a camera to (say) a capsule, and then add physics to the capsule? And do I move the camera or the capsule based on user-input?

In the FPS template, there is the PlayerCharacter entity, which has the components Character, PlayerController and Player Input. and a sub-entuty of Camera. Is there any infornation on how all these work together and what controls what?

There seems to be lots of good tutorials, but nothing that covers this, Thanks for any help or pointers to the details!

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Setting up an FPS controller can be done in so many ways. As far as I know there is no tutorial on the FPS template that is provided as a template.
Although that would be a nice tutorial to have.