Import Whole Folder?


I was wondering if there was a way to import an entire folder into Stride? I come from Unity so I’m used to making the Folder Structures for Assets before importing them into Unity. That allowed me to be quick and organized, but Stride doesn’t seem to have this feature, it just seeks all, in my case, PNG files and imports them all to the “Assets” folder.

So to keep it relevant, does this feature exist, or is there a hack I can use to trick Stride into doing it?

You should organize your original files in the resources folder in a structure that you like.

Then make appropriate folders in the asset folder in game studio. They can be the same structure or a different one, it’s up to you.

Then you can drag and drop the files from the explorer into the asset folder in game studio. You can drop multiple files…

See the documentation here: Create assets | Stride

I appreciate the reply, I did read the Docs multiple times before turning to the forums. I am kind of disappointed that there’s no tricks to make this work. Creating the folder structures in and out of Stride seems redundant and a waste of time. I’ll see if I can figure something out, I just don’t want to go back to Unity.

ok, good point, what you want would be an auto-discovery of all files you put into a specific folder… i don’t know whether that would work so well, since most assets have import settings that only you know, but game studio cannot read out of the file.

how does unity do that? import with default settings and then you change the assets if you want different import settings?

Unity does import whole folders, by this I mean it creates the folder that I drop into it along with any other subfolders in the Unity Asset Browser, but Stride does not which is my main concern. I’ll see if there’s something I can do, even if I have to skim through the source code and change something I will.

I do appreciate your time and help with this matter though, I guess since there’s no true solutions there’s no point in keeping this question open.