Howto print debug text?

I’m trying to print an error message while working on a simple Xenko code sample, and nothing I do causes text to appear anywhere.

I’m building and running from Visual Studio.

I’ve tried Log.Error(“error”)
I’ve tried DebugText.Print(“error”)

Whether building in release or debug mode, these messages do not appear in the Visual Studio console. They do not appear in the viewport. They do not appear anywhere.

Any advice?

DebugText.Print(String yourText,Int2 position);

I’m looking for a way to put text into a console log of some kind…

@Yuuki_terumi - this is the source I tried… In my original post I said I tried Log.Error(“error”) and nothing comes out anywhere that I can see from visual studio.

I don’t see it in the visual studio console. I don’t see any type of log window.

Where do these messages go? Or how do I get them to appear?