How to run tests in Siliconstudio.Paradox.UI.Tests.Windows?

I want to run the Siliconstudio.Paradox.UI.Test.Windows tests, but don’t understand how.
They don’t seem like automated tests like I’m used to as they have a Main entry point rather then a bunch of unit tests in them and where your unit test window is the entry point.
When I run the Program.exe it renders a window with what looks like debug symbols.

How am I supposed to use these tests?

UI.Tests contains two types of test.

  1. classic unit tests (Events and Layering) folders.
  2. unit graphic regression tests (Regression) folder. Those performs image comparison tests to using Graphics.Regression project.
    You can run the unit tests using classic unit test runner plugins (we personally use Resharper) or by setting the Startup object (the main entry point) to the desired test main function (project configuration) and executing the project.
    Note that for regression tests, image comparisons are performed only when the test is launched from the unit test runner (not when started from main functions). If you want to perform image comparison you need to start the ImageComparerService and modify the IPs currently hard-coded. We will make this system more flexible in future.

I use R# too, but the unit tests didn’t show up in the list.
Probably I overlooked something. Will have another go later.