Health Bar Example

I made that Health Bar to test the update of the engine, I have to say even to myself that I am new to game development, it was very easy to use editor and make scripts.

Source Code Here


One more time - not a relative sizes. Meh.

Yes, I tried to make relative size but as I was only trying to decrease the width HP did not work, I’ll wait for documentation regarding the relative size to update.

It is my very big problem with default UI. Its relative sizing is very poor if compare it with html UIs. Or I completely dont understand it. But untill devrlopers not answering me on how can I achieve my goal, I will be thinking that I am right.

The only way is to go trying to do and looking at the source code on github :confused:

Sorry for the lack of documentation. We hope to improve on that very soon.

However, please note that layouting rules are very close to WPF, so many parts of WPF doc should apply:

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Here is the code updated for Paradox 1.2:

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