Free Third Person Controller v1.4

Version 1.4

Hello everyone!

As I promised, I am sharing with the community the code of my character controller in the third person.

Demonstration video:


  • Character Movement in Third Person Shooter style.
  • Rotate camera as mouse movement.
  • Physics-based controller.
  • Motion Blur Shader.

Reminding everyone that this code is free for any use, I ask only just put my name in the credits of your project. Att. Rodrigo Medeiros.

Change Log:
V1.4: Fixed Gamma Flickering into Motion Blur effect.
V1.3: Added Support to Xenko 1.7.9 and Motion Blur Shader.
V1.2: Fixed Incompatibility problem with paradox 1.2.2.
V1.1: Added limit to vertical camera rotation.

Follows the code:

Scene preparation:

1st: First thing you need to do is create a character model, with this animations:
∙ Idle
∙ StrafeLeft
∙ StrafeRight
∙ WalkingBack
∙ WalkingForward
∙ Sprint

2nd: In the scene, put your character model and add to him a Character Collider (capsule) and all animations.

3rd: Next, add an entity model cube, name it as Orb, set this scale to X1, Y1, Z1 and make it a child of your character entity.

4th: Now, create a Camera, and make it a child of the Orb entity.

7th: Maintain the Z axis of orb aligned to your character and move the orb at the position if you desires to your game camera, and use de Z axis of camera to regulate the distance.

8th: Now, add the script ControladorDePersonagem to your character, and ControleOrbital to your orb.

9ht: Now lets play, and have a fun!

Motion Blur Installation

1st: Download the Motion Blur shader at:

2nd: Open your Project into Visual Studio Community 2015, and right click in your solution, then add a new folder called “Effect”. Next, into this folder, add all shaders you have downloades.

3rd: Into the Visual Studio, build your solution. After this, close the VS2015 and open the Xenko Game Studio.

NOTE: Allways apply the Motion Blur before a Gaussian Blur effect, and into the move mouse, you must select the Orb object into the scene.


Nice work, very appreciated!

Thanks for sharing it with the community!


Great work , is there any chance that you will translate the comments in English in the future :slight_smile: ?