Empty Keys UI for Xenko

I just released new version 1.6.5 of Empty Keys UI library. There is new beta support for Paradox engine 1.1b. You can download it for free on http://emptykeys.com.

Empty Keys UI is XAML based multi-platform, engine agnostic UI library. It comes with UI Generator. Final code is generated from standard XAML (.NET WPF) so you can use Visual Studio, Blend (or any other XAML editor) to create your UI. There is over 30 controls, support for brushes, shapes and animations.

It supports Data Binding and it was implemented to use with MVVM design pattern.

Detail info: http://emptykeys.com/Products
Examples: https://github.com/EmptyKeys/UI_Examples
Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/2#303

Thanks for any feedback


In paradox example there are errors like name is not exist in “clr-namespace:EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Designer;assembly=EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Designer”.

Don’t forget to unblock zip (or DLL which are blocked) by your OS - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/delay/p/unblockingdownloadedfile.aspx

I think I missed some ddls. Wait a sec.

Oh yeah nice and smooth! Thanks a lot.

Nice! that’s really cool @EmptyKeys, thanks for the support for Paradox latest version

Empty Keys UI Paradox dll for 1.1.1b is here http://emptykeys.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=g2aaIXkfwtk%3D&portalid=0

have fun :slight_smile:

If anyone needs, there is dll for 1.1.2b Paradox

Empty Keys UI v1.7 is out with new Debug Window for Visual Tree debugging, TreeView, better DataGrid support and much more.

Release notes: http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/2#359

That sounds pretty cool.
Nice that even in beta the paradox framework is inspiring 3rd party support :smile:

You can download UI v1.7 dll for Paradox 1.1.3b here http://emptykeys.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=rvV4v7g9iqs%3D&portalid=0

Hopefully this version should stay compatible with next releases of Paradox as we don’t sign assemblies anymore.

Keep up the great work!

Empty Keys UI v1.7.5 is out with better styling support, tab navigation, performance changes and few fixed bugs. Release notes on forums - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afc/382

Empty Keys UI v1.8 is out with ScrollViewer panning support, Slider ticks and fixed bugs.

Relase notes - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/2#410

This release was compiled and tested with Paradox 1.2.1-beta.

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You can find open source (MIT license) of Paradox3d library for UI on GitHub now. Tested with latest version 1.2.2-beta

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Empty Keys UI v1.9 is out, ScrollViewer fixes, DataGrid sorting command and much more.

Release notes - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/2#1552

This release was compiled and tested with Paradox 1.2.2-beta.

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Empty Keys UI v1.10 is out, new Radio Button, support for custom mouse Cursors, Data Grid Length, new NuGet packages and fixed bugs. This version is compiled and tested with Paradox 1.3.4-beta.

Release notes - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afpgj/2#1620

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As usual, thanks again for the updates!

Empty Keys UI v1.11 is out with new Chart and GroupBox controls, fixed Popup control and changes in UI Generator.

Release notes - http://emptykeys.com/Community/aft/11/afc/1649
NuGets - https://www.nuget.org/profiles/EmptyKeys

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