Creating a moddable game

Hi guys. I’m considering utilizing the engine, but a big concern of mine is moddability of games made in this engine. I’m very familiar with C# programming in general and loading mod assemblies dynamically at runtime is something you can pull off in any engine that uses C#. My question is about the features the engine does/doesnt have to aid this process. Can anyone let me know their personal experiences in doing so, or point me to any projects released on this engine that allow modding?

For instance, lets say we have a level based game and we want modders to be able to add/remove things from the level. I can code things to remove objects or instantiate prefabs, no issue. The issue would be in trying to do something like utilize baked lighting. Does this engine support lighting baking at runtime? It would be cool to add that as a game initialization phase where mods are loaded then some things like that are baked. It would also be helpful to know if this is something I could modify the source to achieve without having to uproot very deep parts of the project.

Some engines bake a lot of animation state machine info when creating a build to which you cant add/modify which is not ideal for moddable games.

Really just looking for people who may have used the engine in this capacity to share their thoughts.