Audio engines and HRTF

Hello guys,
Which audio engines use xenko in behind, specially on windows?

I ask that, because in the documentation says that HRTF is only for windows 10, so that let me think that this feature is get through xaudio2, but reading the api documentation, I saw that is a wrapper over openal, and so, you can get HRTF features with openal too, and not only in windows, so… Finally what engine is used if you activate HRTF in your project?

Xaudio2 with XApo of MS? or in the future is planned use openal too…

or if you program your audio code using the audioLayer wrapper and you’ve your openal configured to use hrtf for 3d sound, can you get the same result?

Thanks for all guys! :slight_smile:

since xenko is open source, you can browse the code on github and see the used references, i see XAudio2 in there:

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Thanks @tonfilm for your answer!
Yep, I saw that too, and the reference to the openal in the api reference, specially here:

So, because that, I’m asking about which of both engines use xenko in the background, and why exist that direct access around openal.
Is interesting.

¡thanks for your answers!