Attempt to import GLTF model asset

Attempting to import a GLTF 3D model as an asset. Select the GLTF file, accept the defaults, click OK. It does absolutely nothing, all that happens is the popup closes. Any ideas why?

I started debugging this and it seems to fail in the call to the Assimp library. In the fGTLollowing code the call to extract entity returns a null pointer. Perhaps, the Assimp library is unable to handle GLTF v2? The model I’m using is quite basic GLTF v2 w/ embedded textures.

    public override EntityInfo GetEntityInfo(UFile localPath, Logger logger, AssetImporterParameters importParameters)
        var meshConverter = new Importer.AssimpNET.MeshConverter(logger);
        var entityInfo = meshConverter.ExtractEntity(localPath.FullPath, null, importParameters.IsTypeSelectedForOutput(typeof(TextureAsset)));
        return entityInfo;

Created bug ticket for this (any modern game engine should support GLTF models).

This isn’t an answer to your question, but there is a MIT-licensed C# GLTF loader that could be used in your project or added to Stride3d