Arabic support in Xenko?

Just wondering if anyone had success in getting Arabic text to render properly in Xenko? I tried and the Arabic letters appeared disconnected and in their isolated forms (as opposed to their appropriate contextual forms - initial, medial, final, and isolated). I also believe that they were rendered from left-to-right. I applied a font supporting Arabic text to the UI element textbox. Please advise if Xenko is able to support right-to-left scripts with contextual letter forms and diacritical marks such as Arabic. Thanks.

As far as I know, right-to-left language have not been tested so they are probably not supported.
Initially Xenko has only supported English and Japanese and by extension any latin/roman-based language. Chinese and Korean probably work as well.

If you (or someone else) know how to make the support for other languages, pull-requests are welcome.

I am Chinese. I have completed 50% of the language pot interface content. But I have more than 700 errors in the build. I can only wait for the professional staff to update the xenko code. Maybe the subsequent version can be easily built from the source code.

There are already a few threads and FAQ page about building Xenko. It is not that hard. Just follow the instructions.

  • Install VS 2017 and all prerequisites
  • Clone the git repo.
  • Make sur git LFS is also installed and enabled (l recommend installing it alongside git as it is now an option in the installer for Windows)
  • Open the solution in Visual Studio 2017
  • Right-click on Xenko.GameStudio and hit “build”
  • Voilà

(You can ignore errors in test projects. The best is to not build them at all.)