About the new logo

Hello everyone, we sadly couldn’t use the logo you voted on last time, here’s why:

We decided to contact substance/adobe at the start of January after seeing that many people felt that the logo was too close to theirs. We received a reply from their legal team which, of course, told us that we would need to change it. It’s the legal team, playing it safe is part of their job. They also told us that we could get in touch with their design team, we took that opportunity and sent multiple emails but they never got back to us.

Proposals are open again so if you think you have a logo that would fit with our new name (Stride), please fill in the picture attached below with your design. There’s also the figma project if you would rather work on that.

Replace the purple squares with your design and use that template to see how your design holds up. Once you are satisfied with it reply to this thread with that template filled in.

If you have questions please refrain from posting them below, ask them over on discord or on the original post about this whole issue.

Thanks !


Proposals are now closed, you can now vote for the logo over here: Vote for Xenko/Stride’s logo!

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