Working with Dev Build

I’ve looked throughout the forum and cannot seem to find an answer to this question. I can build Xenko, no errors or problems encountered, but I cannot seems to get the Dev build to appear in the launcher, even if I build it myself. The only information I am able to obtain from this forum regarding this is that once you build Xenko supposedly the Launcher detects the dev build and you can use it from there, but so far that has not happened.

Is there anything is particular that I am missing, or do I just run everything from the editor and go from there?

If you’ve built it, it should show up, it’ll just not be entirely obvious how to select it, see here:

(beta02 is the current dev version)

I do agree it would be very nice to have a cleaner delineation between dev and “official”/betas in the launcher still, but it’s at least possible to select it right now thanks to xen’s recent changes to make it possible :slight_smile:

@profan You’re right that is there, and having a divided section for it would be nice, but this works for now. Although, I’m running into a problem where I build, it shows on the list, but when I click “Start” nothing occurred. Have you encountered this problem before?

That’s quite strange, I’d make a report on the repo if you can’t fix it and hopefully xen (or someone else) can look at it, first I’d just try the usual restarting the launcher/rebuilding the solution as a whole and such though :grimacing:

You can also change the assembly version in SharedAssemblyInfo.cs. That way it is easier to recognise in the launcher.

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