[SOLVED] Xenko.sln crash

Having some trouble with building the engine from source. To be more specific opening the Xenko.sln or any other solution causes vs2019 to crash before it’s even loaded. Any idea why could this happen? I made sure to install VS properly and in general followed the build info available on github.

Here’s a video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rpX0aevfJirZMowR5l9nQrYhRAvAH0Ri/view?usp=drivesdk

Need more information:

Which version of VS2019 are you using (do you have the latest version)?
Do you have all the prerequisites installed?
Do you have plugins in Visual Studio that could slow down or cause the crash?
Which git branch did you checkout? Or did you use the archive zip generated by GitHub?

Thank you for the reply Kryptos!
I managed to solve this with some help from the Xenko Discord people. There must have been something off with my Visual studio. Doing a VS installation repair solved the problem. Cheers!

Glad to learn that you solved it!
Visual Studio installation with all its components can be tricky sometimes.