Lightmapping or GI?

Is there any better lighting solution for Xenko-powered games? Does it support realtime GI or some sort of lightmapping technique?

If I’m not mistaken. Right now GI is not supported. However, it definitely is in the Roadmap ( Xenko Roadmap )

Here is the card for it: Xenko Roadmap GI

However, please note that this is in the wishlist, so I don’t think this will happen soon :tm: :stuck_out_tongue:

Xenko currently (1.10-beta) supports physically-based rendering, post-effects, etc.
Light probes have been announced for an upcoming version in the GDC trailer:

This is an old thread, but I don’t see any more recent info on Xenko GI.

The current option appears to be manually placed light probes

As for the future…

It might be a good idea to focus entirely on real-time GI, rather than try to catch up to baked GI solutions right on the EVE of switching to real-time GI. Here are some relevant links…

I was looking at this recently for indoor lighting and came across this lightmapper in c++

it looks very promising you do need all your uvs laid out in one atlas for everything you want to light but this could be done once and looking at the video it looks really good im rusty on C++ but going to try and see if i can make it callable as a dll from xenko becuse not all the time do you want realtime shadows some times you just want baked here is video of it in action too

There is also a work in progress real time VXGI implementation…

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