Industrial Room

So pleased this took me one week to make including learning the Xenko script system way faster to make than both Xna and monogame i really like this engine :slight_smile:


That is really awesome looking. Looking forword to seeing future updates to this project. Is it just a tryout project or are making a commercial game?

Thank you it was really fun to do and to move forward so fast,when i started,it was just to get to grips with the engine, but yes im hoping to make a Adventure/Inventory/Escape room type game eventually,im not sure i will use any of this current project(none of it is optimised texture wise) yet but who knows, im adding a lift for a 2nd floor to this scene and an inventory system,really i did it to get all the parts that i needed code wise :slight_smile:
Will post any more update vidoes and btw great tuts you’ve made helped me out starting out with this Fantastic engine:)


Looking forward to the videos. I subbed your youtube channel.

Would you kindly have a look at this document about upcoming tutorials? In december I will have a lot of time available to create a lot of new tutorials. What did you miss, or what would you improve/remove etc.

  • What do you think of the additional suggested C# beginner tutorials that have not been made yet?
  • Same thing for the intermediate and advanced section.

Thank you
Had look at the tuts and looks great, for me how to get the best realistic indoor lighting would be my top wanted tut of all time as there are so many settings to change and every engine is different
Regards your forthcoming tuts cant wait :slight_smile: