Community: Call for help!

a separate github repo with releases for download? then everything is versioned and can be tagged in git.

Sure, freecamp sounds good if it fits your requirements. I will look into it for my own needs as well.

FYI I was using ZenHub (github addon) little bit, but it doesn’t include Gantt chart and the likes.

Which do you think is better for the user experience of being able to open the project on his computer?

  1. Create project from Xenko => New Project => Tutorials?
    ⇒ move project to Xenko samples dir
  2. Download it from the documentation page?
    ⇒ keep project in xenko-docs
  3. Github new project, one per tutorial project/game (create new github repo)
    ⇒ then add project as git submodule of xenko-docs to be able to do code snippets?
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I think having a button where you can download the tutorials project is good place to start. The download button than refers to the separate repository that has versions tagged. I will have to lookup the submodule listing (never done that that before) but it sounds useful. I will use the xenko’s editor configs to style the code properly.
The download zip could containing the executable and the tutorials project folder.

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Several users have joined the Freedcamp project, which is great. Now that that has happened, I can start creating some new tasks and assign them to users. The ‘Engine development’ category is still a little empty, but I hope to get some tasks in there soon. The important thing to not do here is create a 1 on 1 replica of github issues. Freedcamp server more more as a general task overview. Everyone who has joined can freely create, edit, move around and assign tasks.

Keeping the feedback on this project flowing is really important, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Some additional notes:

  • Since Discord is the more active discussion environment for everyone, it might be useful to have a general contributors chat room (or just use #contributors->developers), were announcements can be made. Right now I want to message only the members of the project, but not all of them have a forum account (I think). I also think the PM messages on the forum are ‘less’ visited than discord.
  • Freedcamp offers a free discussion module, but I have not enabled it since we already have the forum and discord chats. If it proves to be a requirement in the future, it can always be enabled.

Is there a UML breakdown of the Xenko application structure? Any explanation anywhere?

Thanks, Hap ?;O)